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Scissors Lifts
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Scissors Lifts

Our Scissors Lifts are meticulously developed and manufactured to effortlessly handle loads ranging from the lightest to the heaviest, ensuring efficiency and safety in every operation. Designed to meet diverse lifting requirements with precision and ease.

Featuring an external hydraulic unit designed for low noise operation, our Scissors Lifts guarantee a quiet working environment without compromising on performance. Utilizing roller guides on both front and side ways, constructed from high-strength materials, our lifts ensure smooth and stable movement for enhanced productivity. The use of chrome-plated cylinders with high-strength buckling, coupled with a hydraulic circuit designed for low pressure, not only minimizes noise levels but also prolongs the lifespan of hydraulic components, ensuring durability and reliability.

Safety is paramount in our design, with features such as an anti-rupture valve that immediately halts descent in the event of a hydraulic element failure, and a flow regulator that ensures consistent descent speed regardless of load variation. Our lifts also come equipped with a two-speed hydraulic command block for precise floor approach and mechanical anti-cut systems for added safety.

Compliant with European Machine Directive 2006/42/CE and built to meet EN81-3.1 and EN1425 standards, our Scissors Lifts offer maximum strokes of up to 30 meters and load capacities of up to 20 tons, with various column configurations available to suit specific needs. Optional features such as mechanical hydraulic blocks for floor positioning enhancement and integrated systems with floor doors and protections further enhance functionality and safety.

With automatic command and control functionalities, including auto-diagnosis and constant performance monitoring, our Scissors Lifts ensure seamless operation and peace of mind. Whether transporting goods, vehicles, or personnel, our lifts offer versatile solutions for various applications, including automatic lines distribution, with strokes of up to 20 meters and maximum load capacities of 20,000 kilograms.

Scissors Lifts

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