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Lift Maintenance

Independent Lift Co. Ltd is also a Service and Maintenance provider, offering ‘Service Level Agreements tailored to the specific site requirements of our customers.

We provide a complete product life cycle partnership, from the handover of the lift installation, through an extended warranty period, to preventative maintenance.

We also provide Repair and Refurbishment services to keep your lifts operating at optimum performance in order to serve the ever changing needs of a modern building.

Lift servicing is essential for ensuring the efficient operation, safety, and longevity of lift systems. It involves more than just addressing issues; it includes preventive measures to maintain the lift’s reliability and user safety. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of the lift and provide a safer experience for users.

Here are key considerations and steps for effective lift servicing:

Establish a routine maintenance schedule based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and local regulations. Regular servicing helps identify and resolve issues before they escalate.

Engage a certified and experienced lift service provider. Ensure they are familiar with your lift’s specific make and model and comply with relevant safety standards and regulations.

Conduct regular inspections to check for wear and tear, lubricate moving parts, and identify potential problems. These inspections are crucial for preventing breakdowns and ensuring smooth operation.

Choose a service provider that offers emergency call-out services. This ensures prompt resolution of unexpected issues or breakdowns, minimizing downtime and inconvenience.

Ensure that lift servicing adheres to local safety regulations and standards. Regular inspections and maintenance help in compliance and contribute to a safe operating environment.

Periodically conduct performance tests to assess the lift’s speed, leveling accuracy, and other operational parameters. This helps identify potential issues before they affect performance.

Maintain comprehensive records of all servicing activities, inspections, and repairs. This documentation is essential for compliance and tracking the lift’s maintenance history.

Provide training to building staff on basic troubleshooting and safety protocols. This can help in promptly identifying and reporting issues.

Allocate a budget for repairs and potential upgrades. Regular servicing may reveal the need for component replacements or modernization to enhance safety and efficiency.

Inform building occupants about scheduled maintenance activities, especially if it may temporarily affect lift availability. Clear communication helps manage expectations and minimize disruptions.

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