Goods Lifts

Box lift is available with load capacities of 500kg, 1000kg,1500kg or 2000kg, with a full range of lift car configurations available for each model.

  • Goods Lift can be provided to suit any application from 500kg through to 5000kg.
  • We provide ‘Goods Lifts’ for Industrial, I.T. Pharma and Food Sectors.
  • We can offer lifts solutions with minimum pits levels of 50mm, self supporting structures, and customized height doors to suit the awkward sized loads
  • We can provide a ‘Goods lift’ for use by a ‘trained operative’ where single man working may be a requirement.
  • We can also provide ‘Goods / Passenger’ lifts to fulfill a dual function.
  • All Goods lifts installed by Independent Lifts are CE marked and are issued with a European Declaration of Conformity.

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